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We help U.S. industries and workers develop and implement trade policy strategies to ensure a level playing field.

Over the last four decades, free-trade ideology has resulted in an ever-widening gulf in the regulation of domestically-produced goods and domestically-provided services versus those produced and provided overseas. Beyond confronting increasingly complex federal and state regulations, U.S. businesses are forced to compete in this market with foreign entities that are not subject to equivalent controls or restrictions. Through its representation of U.S. industries, the trade policy team at PKR has developed extensive experience in the implementation of regulatory approaches that equalize treatment of imported goods and services with domestic goods and services in a manner that is consistent with the United States’ obligations under the agreements of the World Trade Organization and with other bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. 

PKR’s trade policy team has worked on behalf of U.S. industry clients with a wide variety of federal and state regulatory authorities to develop sensible regulatory approaches to foreign-produced goods and foreign-offered services. PKR is committed to developing a detailed understanding of the regulatory framework governing domestic producers as well as those of its foreign competition. In advocating for particular approaches, our team prioritizes the development of regulations that can be practically implemented and enforced, with measurable metrics that facilitate oversight. 

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Sophia Lin


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Claire Bishop

Litigation Strategy Manager

Colin Milner

Senior International Trade & Policy Analyst

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Senior Trade Analyst

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