Board Governance

Practice Area

We advise trade associations and other non-profit corporations on a full array of corporate compliance and federal legal and regulatory matters. 

Trade associations, non-profit corporations, and quasi-governmental organizations are required to comply with a wide range of rules and regulations imposed by federal law and the entities’ own governing documents. As counsel we have advised our clients in these governance matters.

PKR assists clients in preparing, amending, and interpreting corporate articles of incorporation and bylaws. The firm participates in board meetings as general counsel and has prepared, reviewed, and edited board meeting minutes. We provide advice with regard to a myriad of client needs such as financial audits, contract review, acquisition of directors and officers insurance, and human resources questions. We have assisted clients in establishing scholarship funds for individuals within the industry to help them achieve post-secondary education. When necessary and appropriate, we identify other outside counsel and serve as co-counsel to handle particularly complex matters such as civil litigation and tax audits.

We advise clients with regard to the federal laws applicable to trade associations and other non-profit entities. These matters include, but are not limited to, IRS tax reporting and compliance requirements, the Lobbying Disclosure Act, and the Foreign Agents Registration Act. We also provide general antitrust advice in the context of trade association board meetings.