Commerce Initiates Antidumping and Countervailing Investigations of Steel Nails from India, Korea, Malaysia, Oman, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam

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Jun 25, 2014

The U.S. Department of Commerce today published in the Federal Register notices that it has initiated both antidumping duty (AD) investigations and countervailing duty (CVD) investigations of steel nails from India, Korea, Malaysia, Oman, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam. Mid Continent Steel & Wire, Inc., represented by PKR, last month petitioned for this trade relief on behalf of the domestic steel nails industry injured by unfairly traded imports. According to Commerce’s Fact Sheet, the CVD orders are expected to issue in December 2014 and the AD orders in March 2015.

Across countries, Commerce will investigate the dumping of steel nails into the U.S. market at margins claimed to range between 27.86% and 589.78%, as well as 124 programs claimed to confer countervailable subsidies on foreign steel nails producers. Commerce will specifically investigate the following country-specific allegations: • India: AD margins between 450.96% and 589.78% and 28 subsidy programs;
• Korea: AD margins between 57.07% and 61.09% and 18 subsidy programs;
• Malaysia: AD margins between 27.86% and 39.35% and 8 subsidy programs;
• Oman: an AD margin of 154.33% and 10 subsidy programs;
• Taiwan: an AD margin of 78.17% and 9 subsidy programs;
• Turkey: AD margins between 41.19% and 115.56% and 25 subsidy programs; and
• Vietnam: an AD margin of 323.99% and 26 subsidy programs.