B. Donovan Picard


Don Picard has decades of experience in international arbitration and international law. Don has represented governments and corporations on direct foreign investment. For example, he has advised various governments on legal reforms to encourage foreign investment, provided counsel to corporate investors on risks and opportunities in various locations outside the United States and the European Union, and handled legal issues specific to investments in natural resource and infrastructure projects in various locations outside the United States.

Further, Don has represented clients in numerous international arbitration proceedings concerning a wide range of issues, including land and maritime boundary disputes, commercial disputes, investment disputes arising under private contracts, disputes arising under bilateral and multilateral investment agreements, and claims involving the law of state responsibility.

He has also advised clients in matters related to public international law, such as on states’ rights and obligations vis-à-vis other states and international organizations, prevention and resolution of international disputes, and creation and interpretation of international treaties and agreements. 

Don has conducted advocacy on behalf of government clients in various forums, including international commissions and tribunals, the United Nations and other international organizations, and the U.S. Executive Branch and Congress. He has also litigated cases in U.S. courts on questions concerning public and private international law.

Don is a member of various legal and professional organizations. Specifically, he is a member of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia, the Bar Association of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Federal Energy Bar Association, the American Society of International Law, and the Middle East Institute.